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31-Oct-2020 00:34

The author seems above all to want to control how we see the debate.

She wants to have her description of who ‘us’ and ‘them’ are, what ‘we’ and ‘they’ are like, what ‘they’ think, why ‘they’ think it, and upon what nasty grounds ‘they’ decided. This article is not simply a lament from one side of an argument. Just a little reminder of the Leavers and the country they are arranging for us – hate-filled, crabbed, cowed racist and xenophobic. Let those Leavers get in charge and this is what we’ll all get. To me they smell of Blaire and Cameron and the debt -fuelled fictions of the last thirty years of Thatcher and sons.

On the other hand there has also been, more recently, a revolting fungal efflorescence of outraged condescension describing the moral and educational deficiencies of those who voted to Leave.

Here is one recent example By Laurie Penny in The New Statesman from 24 June, called “I want my Country Back.” I shall quote from it extensively so that no one thinks I am just picking only the bits that suit me. People who, apparently, are governed by their lizard-brain. Those who voted ‘out’ are painting with a metaphor suggesting they are lizard-like.

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Living with HIV By: Valencia Beckley Hildreth It’s been over a week since Election Day 2016; and while those who voted for Trump bask in the reality of his victory, new realities exist for those who did not vote for him or, for those who did not vote at all.She is presently a Doctoral Candidate and works full-time in Public Health as a nursing leader.

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