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What these chain marketing members do to make their friends fool :: What these people will tell when the friend will talk about money problem :: • Money problem : Arrange 5-6k and then take 2-3 from your friends. I would advice you to start with the business right now and have your do’s and don’ts session and start with the business. Therefor I request all Indians not to join chain marketing, MLM or chain marketing are draining foreign exchange from our country without doing any development and invest.

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Follow Up: Most people are not ready to commit instantly or just after one meeting. Rest you’re my friend, do you think I would have contacted you just for your 30k. • I would tell them nicely that its not ml and very good business model : What u will tell. Your relatives and friends would ask for cheques and all. If u want to open a restaurant, u first hire cooks and all.It all started when I took a one-way flight from Miami to Guatemala City, leaping nervously into the unknown and leaving much of my old life behind while embarking on an epic travel adventure around the world. Rise at sunrise to have the best attractions all to yourself while avoiding crowds.It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve learned a lot since I first left. It’s also a magical time for photos due to soft diffused light, and usually easier to interact with locals.It is very important to have a home inspected before purchasing.

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A Home Inspection could potentially save you thousands of dollars in hidden repair costs.

Master the art if inviting with this following techniques a) curiosity is the key to inviting, create one and not satisfy it.