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22-Mar-2020 23:29

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Prices quoted here are based on 312 to the euro, but the exchange rate bounces around a bit compared to the euro, a lot compared to the U. The countryside of Hungary is very cheap, but few expats live in the rural areas unless they’re in the wine industry.

Most choose to live in Budapest, around Lake Balaton, or in one of the smaller cities like Eger or Pecs.

Even the youth unemployment rate is around 10%, compared to more than 30% in Italy.

This feels like a nation on the rise and the young are displaying something not seen much in the past couple hundred years of Hungary’s history: optimism.

“Here in Budapest, my monthly flat rental, plus utilities, averages around €400, right in the middle of town.” He says public transportation is excellent, so he doesn’t need a car.

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So compared to New York or London, it’s a screaming bargain for sure.Then heating can be €30-80, electricity around €16.