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On Earth, Bloom appeared in a building that her adoptive father, Mike, a firefighter, was dousing.

Mike rescued Bloom and he and his wife Vanessa, a florist, eventually adopted her.

Bloom grew up to have an uneventful childhood, and since she was only a baby, had no recollection of her true origins.

She and Selina were close friends during their childhood and they used to play together in the Forest of Flowers.

While the Dragon Flame made her arguably the most powerful fairy in the Magic Dimension, it also consistently drew numerous enemies to her such as the Trix, Darkar, Valtor, and the Ancestral Witches.

Despite her flaws, Bloom still has a heart of gold.

When she was still a baby, her kingdom was attacked by the Ancestral Witches, Valtor, and Mandragora who destroyed Domino by turning it into a frozen abandoned planet.

Daphne was unable to fight off the witches, so she sent her sister to Earth to protect her as well as the Dragon Flame.

After an attack on Musa in Magix, the girls learned that the reason for the constant fighting was that the Trix were seeking to get the power of the Dragon Flame, and after a fight in which Bloom unleashed an enormous amount of energy, they were soon convinced that Bloom had it.

She cares for all of her friends, allies, and families (both adopted and biological) deeply, and is always willing to help and fight for a good cause.

She has shown herself to be selfless, caring, brave and a true capable leader.

Tecna takes it - laughs at the "ancient technology", to Bloom's surprise, as she referred to it as the newest model on Earth.

During the apology, Bloom finds that the technology of Earth is slower than that of Magix.

Bloom is tough when needed to be and always lends a helping hand to people in need.