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04-Sep-2020 15:01

Sure, the way that “K” becomes an addict may seem extreme, but it is grounded in the real world as every new encounter seems to draw “K” away from his true purpose of finding love and replacing it with having sex; each time taking just a little bit more of his soul. I will say that I didn’t think that “K” had a chance with some of the women he met.There are warning signs along the way and like every true addict, there are reasoned away in effort to score a bigger high. Still this does show that as Bruce the roommate says, that women look for the same thing as the guys.What follows are the trials and trepidations of dating, the euphoria of making a connection and the peaks and troughs of love, sex and the feelings that are created possibly, between two people.I am a fan Koren Shadmi since reading The Abbadon last year.If he calls, you can tell that he’s interested into something more than just playing.This will separate the boys who likes games and the men who wants relationship.

When guys like a girl, their minds can get jumbled.

It’s a little refreshing to see that other people go through the same sort of emotional roller coaster as us.

As such, Shadmi has tapped into the very scary situation of a person, or persons, putting themselves out there to be attracted, repulsed and judged by a complete stranger in the hopes that a connection is made in effort to have a partner in this thing called life.

Don’t respond unless you’re equally down for a booty call.

If a guy sends you this message before night time, say 8 p.m., it shows he’s being serious and is eager to see you.

Making love sweeter and easing the pain of broken hearts. But there are certain texts that aren’t worthy of a reply at all.

Lo and behold the next person to leave was his girlfriend who said she barely made it to the bathroom before vomiting.… continue reading »

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