Bungie armor not updating

31-Mar-2020 12:43

It will be available in the Iron Banner playlist until the next reset, when it will become available in Quick Play, Competitive, and Private Matches for all players of Destiny 2.

You also might see it in Trials this weekend, but we’ll know that for sure tomorrow!

The post-launch game systems, features, and updates going forward for Destiny 2 will be made specifically to focus on and support anyone who’s looking for Destiny to be their hobby, as the blog reads, and as such the team has made a laundry list of updates that are due to appear in the game as early as Dec. They can drop from any Legendary weapon source for all characters above 250 Power.

There weren’t enough activities that required and rewarded that level of commitment. Other than Raid Activities, all Pv E activities and private spaces are optimized for three players to allow for multiple types of activities in the space.So no, it wasn’t designed for it, but it’s not a surprise that it’s easier with nine players, given how under-leveled most of us are right now.We knew that players would use the same creative workarounds to get nine players into a space similar to Court of Oryx, but we did not specifically tune the difficulty around requiring that many players.We also hear players are really enjoying large groups of players fighting against enemies, so we’ll use that feedback to inform our future plans. Sandbox Designer Victor Anderson has the facts on what you can expect on May 29.

We kicked off the beginning of Season 3 with changes to Exotic Weapons. Victor: We’ve received a lot of feedback on Exotic Armor in Destiny 2.

To celebrate its return, we added a reprised version of the Bannerfall map to the playlist.

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