Cystic fibrosis dating other cf patients

17-Jan-2021 08:21

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And what your daughter probably doesnt need, is a mother that is willing to sacrifice health and years with her daughter for a paramour that is dealing with identical health trials. Then I think about living with someone who also feels this bad, plus is going to get me sick too.

So there you both sick unable to wash the dishes, do the laundry, cook dinner so who really helps when you are sick? This sounds kinda stupid but when I was a kid/teen I would specifically distance myself from male CFers around my age because I didnt want to fall for one.

I found what I was looking for ( as you will if you look hard enough ) and it was a bad decision.

I loved her and she loved me, but we were terrible for each other.

Under no circumstances should you value love with someone else, over the love of your own life.

Dating someone with CF and having CF is bad for your health, and your life.

erinjenkins: What I dont understand is if neither one of us have Cepacia, we both know exactly what infections we have, we do all of our treatments and tell each other when we arent feeling well and stay away from one another when we are sick how can we make each other sicker? But because CF can affect each person so differently its impossible to know if the bugs you grow but dont give you that much trouble might cause a dramatic decline for your partner.

It is so disheartening to me that you find someone who gets you 100% and you cant be with them because you MIGHT get cross contamination. Of course the flip side of that being that it might not cause any major issues. If you feel the well documented risks are worth your life or your partners life then I dont think anyone can stop you.

dgeorgerace: Love makes us all do foolish things that we think are okay in the moment. Love can be blamed, but its our own individual actions that have caused the consequences.

In perspective, with a rough upbringing there was a point in my life where I thought I should find a girl/woman who had been through a lot to, so she could relate to me.

What I ended up with what a woman who had been through more abuse, family drama, and life throwing her bad hands of cards over and over.

Smenle34: Just curious if anyone else has dated or is dating another person with CF? There is a CF on couple on facebook that is married but Im pretty sure they both ended up with transplants. Its definitely nice to have something in common and someone who understands completely but these days CF people can chat online, video call, text, etc. Doctors recommended they maintain a physical distance.

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Im not sure how sick they were before they met each other. there are plenty of fish in the sea that dont have CF. dkh73: Ive read a couple of articles about CF couples. They met in the hospital in their early 20s and spent 1-2 years as a couple before each passed within a few months of each other. She had the attitude that the shed accept the consequences for love and risk the infection.Love and happiness are what some people make their life all about, and Im not saying this is bad.