Dating folk married

08-Sep-2020 17:03

On their wedding day she had it expertly slicked back into a bun.

But in the days since, on their honeymoon, in their move back to Boston, it’s been in a fro.

In addition to the fro, she generally wears minimal makeup. Not to mention, with all of Jephte’s stuff-- causing her to cry because she feels rejected by him, her hair and makeup haven’t been at the forefront of my mind.

It wasn’t for Gabby, Solange and it certainly isn’t for Shawniece.

The response to her hair on Twitter has been everything from interesting to downright hurtful with women blaming Shawniece’s hair for the problems in her relationship. That last tweet is particularly important because on their wedding day, Shawniece’s mother told Jephte that she wanted him to get to know and love her real daughter, not the one dolled up for their wedding day but her daughter with her real face and real hair.

But apparently the people of the internet want something different.

Her husband keeps reminding her that she’s a stranger, that he doesn’t know her.

He won’t speak about certain subjects, refuses to sleep in the same bed/room with her.All of this discussion just reminds me of how far we still have to go when it comes to embracing our full, Black selves and our Black looks.