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14-Feb-2020 09:08

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These are the factory codes as I got them years ago from JD: Japan F = Fuji Gen Gakki H = Terada I = Iida Korea C = Cort P = ??? since i am a little slow.This serial is off my destroyer 2 , have no idea what year or anything it was made, can someone help me ?S = Samick Maybe we can FINALLY sort out this mess! "B814869 made in japan" is what it says on the neck plate. This looks like a great site with a good group of people.I hope this is useful to all our new fellow Ibaneezer's who have joined the collective as of late. Also, what kind of guitars were made there and what years?Captain Ibanez Captain: Thanks VERY much for this info. In the Japanese built, 1984 to 1996 section, how would you distinquish an '84, '85 or '86 from a '94, '95 or '96 if only the last digit of the year is used. The example number looks like there would only be valid numbers from E0 (1990) thru E9 (1999). Thanks once again for the great job you've done.

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They use the year then month like 8204 (April 1982) W is world this is actually a Korean not Chinsese Company. Was it stupid administrative/business problems or was the quality of the guitars affected?Captain Ibanez Got an answer from Rich harris at, he says that my JS1 is from 1990 and that the J means Japan, od but since he is the major expert on Satriani's on the planet I'll stick with his judgement and we can ad a new line to the already( confusing and)growing topic of Ibanez serial #'s.

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