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27-May-2020 03:21

It's nothing less than shocking when Lindsay Lohan bounds into Da Silvano, an Italian restaurant at the bottom of Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.

She's 40 minutes late for lunch; for anybody with even a glancing familiarity with the 20-year-old actress and sometime pop singer, this particular fact does not shock. She's blown off two interviews already; the morning of the first, her longtime publicist reported that she had missed her flight from Los Angeles to New York "due to meetings," which cynical Lohan-ologists might conclude had something to do with the fact that she was seen partying at Paris Hilton's house early that morning.

Lindsay Dee Lohan was born on July 2, 1986 ans she is an American performing artist, businessperson, mold architect and vocalist.

Brought up in New York, Lohan was marked to Ford Models as a youngster.

You look at yourself and say, ‘When have I exploited others and been voyeuristic?

’ The thing we should be discussing in the news, what the media should be going after in a heartless way, isn’t the family of somebody who has passed away, but instead – oh, I don’t know – how about a president who’s lying?

There are two distinct schools of thought on Lohan right now.

She's wearing a Hanes wife-beater and a microscopic pair of denim shorts from Imitation of Christ and is badly in need of a manicure.

At this point, Lohan herself commandeered the phone, and in sweet, husky tones suggested that we reschedule, girlo-a-mano, without all the muddled communication through publicists. Everything was spectacularly arranged, except that on the day of my flight, Nate took a holiday from answering repeated calls until 15 minutes before I was to leave for the airport, at which point he sleepily informed us that, Geez, I totally meant to call you. I was taking a trip through Lohanland, and if I had to pen a travel article on my stay there, it would be one-word short, and in the diction of its indigenous people: "Whatever." It was not what you would expect if you knew Lohan only through her performances on film.

Starting when she was 11 years old, with The Parent Trap, and continuing through her teens with Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded, she has been the most consistently watchable actress of her generation, and until recently, has hewn close to the persona created by her Disney films: the feisty, sweet, not especially popular girl who blunders through all the rites of adolescence with equanimity.

There was that dramatic weight loss, the persistent drug rumors, the mysterious hospital stays, and a spate of stories suggesting that her many late nights haunting clubs didn't mesh well with early film-set call times.

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And then, of course, there were girl-on-girl feuds, notably with fellow Disney sweetheart Hilary Duff.

Lohan is certainly not her former skeletal self, but she's so thin that if you squinted, the only thing you'd likely see would be her gigantic, buglike Dior sunglasses and her fabled chest, which, praise the Lord, has made a remarkable recovery since those skinny days of 2005.

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