Dating loop hole

06-Jun-2020 11:23

Coming to her/his house, meeting her/his family, and having chats w/ her/him there.3. Taking any of her/his family member with you when both of you go out OR go with her/him and her/his family altogether.

Once you feel you've known her/him well enough, you must declare if you're interested in her/him or not and planning a marriage.

” is a way to “hack” into a woman’s mind to know and understand exactly what she thinks and feels with astounding accuracy.

Some men have tweaked this into a step-by-step method to get women to bed very quickly (think in terms of minutes). For a long time, those who have mastered this technique have been keeping really quiet about it because of a very simple reason – the tactic will lose its effectiveness if it’s widely known.

The Prophet taught that building a family is a virtuous thing and he suggested every Muslim to get married.

Also, he suggested every Muslim to investigate the background of his/her wife/husband candidate.

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So, in Islam getting to know your opposite sex must be clean from any sexual plays and must be done with the clean purpose of finding a fitting wife/husband candidate.

If you’ve watched the Christian Bale movie “The Prestige” then you’ll know exactly what this female loophole is.

The fact is that the female mind is hard-wired in a way that they are unable to overcome the temptation to be drawn to mysteries and riddles.

This is so that the girl/boy won't be played around with.

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As you can see, this all involves good self-control and since many Muslims are unable to fulfill that, they just succumb into 'dating'.Dating gurus will ask you to first ask for the phone number (worse, some would actually advice you to ask for email addresses! To properly exploit this female psychology loophole, go straight for her phone number and short-circuit her psyche! Women psychology is wired up in such a way that they won’t be able to resist puzzles and mysteries.

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