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16-Oct-2020 17:38

The "H" designation after the model number was for the dreadnaught body size, actually a little fuller than that represented by the Martin D series.

Its six string companion was the popular model F-8H which was rated equal to the Martin D-18.

In 1959, Herk received full control from the family and changed the name to Favilla Guitars, Inc.

He quickly moved the shop to larger quarters at 57 Front Street, Brooklyn, where he remained until 1962.

Most people do not realize that, except for the 1920's, ukulele production was never more than 10% of our overall production of Favilla instruments, and a lot less after 1960. A special model was the 12 string guitar, model F12H, about 60 per year were built from 1962 to 1973.

From approximately 1929 to 1945 the National Dobro Corporation made resonator (mechanically amplified) guitars, mandolins,ukuleles and other instruments, all based on the original work of John Dopyera.

This site is intended to showcase some of their work and help identify particular styles of instruments.

A lot of people making nice looking instruments but not the superior, great sounding ones.

The Favillas (especially my Grandfather John) considered themselves "string instrument builders".

Over the years there was a close relationship between the Favilla family and John D'Angelico and James (Jimmy) D'Aquisto.

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