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09-Mar-2020 13:45

Kazakh Telecom Liberalization of the telecommunications market in 2004 increased competition among the five licensed operators: Kazakh Telecom (the former state monopoly, now with 51 percent state participation), Transtelecom, Kaztranscom, Arna (DUCAT), and Astel.

The first-tier ISPs with international Internet connections and their own infrastructure are Kazakh Telecom, Nursat, Transtelecom, Kaztranscom, Arna, Astel, and TNS Plus.

In addition, Kazakh Telecom retains dominance over the telecommunications market, making it difficult for other operators to compete.

as it attempts to maintain its dominance in the fixed-line market.

Kazakh Telecom’s tariffs for unlimited ADSL access with capacity of 128 kbit/s were USD 30.

However, as a result of the ongoing liberalization in the telecommunications sector in 2007, the operators’ tariffs fell considerably.

Over 50 percent of users accessed the Internet from home in 2008.4 Forty-two percent of families living in towns with populations of at least 70,000 people have a personal computer.

One of the largest ISPs, Arna (DUCAT), accused Kazakh Telecom of breaching the Law for Promoting Competition and Limiting Monopolist Activities.

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