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27-May-2020 08:46

I, Donald Waters, do bequeath the seat reserved in the cemetery for Ann and myself to Roscoe Winchester and Doris Sells.I, Robert Williams, do bequeath my ability to be absent from school on the last days of the hunting season to Brother Willy.We, Jo Ellen Williams and Myra Pope, bequeath our pleasant memories of Marshville to Doris Belk.I, Martha Baucom, do bequeath my newly acquired interest in East Carolina to Mr. I, Jackie Dellinger, bequeath my sparkling eyes to Sammy Goodwin.I, June Langley, do bequeath my reserved parking space in front of Williams Luncheonette to Patti Cochran.I, Sue Sanders, do bequeath my old loafers to Sista Williams.

I, Mack Pigg, do bequeath my love of shooting pool to George Mc Farland.

1, Harold Helms, do sadly bequeath my empty gas tank to Eddie Mc Cain.