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21-Jul-2020 23:06

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You should have no preconceived notions when you first meet someone.Sometimes we paint images of how we think certain people are before we get to know them, and we are let down when our images don’t match reality.Truth be told, the latter two options happen more often than not, but that’s just me.Please understand that I am not saying you should just be hooking up with people and never have intentions for anything more.When you date with motives too early, you sometimes front or try too hard to impress the person, which, more often than not, backfires.The second reason is that when you date without expectations, your only intention is to get to know that person so you’re more likely to find someone with whom you’re compatible.Usually, I get asked something along the lines of, “What are your intentions with me?Are you looking for something serious, or are you just looking for a hookup?

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I am pretty sure many of us have experienced finding love at first sight, only to be let down once we got to know that person.Sometimes, when you date with intentions too early, you try dating someone you don’t necessarily like because you already set expectations you don’t want to break.