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Or, if you've got a bisexual streak, let her watch you make out with another dude in front of her. This is one of those things she can, and does, take care of on her own. Rape fantasies are, without a doubt, one of the most taboo fantasies and arguably the hardest to talk about, yet they're surprisingly common. What does it mean that some women are aroused by the fantasy of a thing that could also be a devastatingly traumatic experience?

According to Psychology Today, about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent), and they have them on average of about once a month. In erotic fantasies, the woman thinks: "I'm being forced and I enjoy it." In aversive fantasies, she thinks: "I'm being forced and I hate it." Forty-five-percent of the women in a survey published in the had fantasies that were entirely erotic. Only that there's a huge difference between fantasy and reality.

As the mystery of female sexuality begins to unravel more with the passage of time and the explosion of media, it's always fascinating to see what secret kinks and fetishes women have that they're just now beginning to talk about.

But even though it's become more socially acceptable for women to assert their sexuality, there's still a good chance your chick is way kinkier than she lets on.

According to our recent 2016 sex survey, 41 percent of women's dream threesome is with two males (MMF), and women are 80 percent more likely to watch gangbang porn than men are for the sheer reason that when it comes to dick, the more, the merrier.

Females are also, in general, much more likely to search for threesome and group sex porn; 75 percent more often in fact.

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If there's something you want to incorporate into the scene, ask her first and don't spring anything unexpected onto her while you're doing it (unless she's given you permission to).So, if you're interested in your chick's private sexual makeup, this might be something you have to ask her about before she tells you. call him up and win the International Boyfriend/ Fuck Buddy of the Year award.