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03-Feb-2021 11:06

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I’ve now got my retirement requirement down to 2k.

And if you wanted to stop there, I wouldn’t blame you.

There are, naturally, other institutions through which you can invest and you should certainly look at your local options. (Please note that you should obviously consult the actual investment houses in question for their latest rates.

The funds available and their MERs seem to be constantly changing and I’m totally not responsible for keeping this chart up to date).

Putting all your investments into the relatively concentrated Canadian stock market could make for a volatile ride (Nortel and RIM shares, anyone?

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In his own words, “), we discussed the two major investment vehicles that are available for private individuals who do not have company or government pensions available to them. The key difference between those two vehicles is the way they are taxed.A bit of We’re looking at 0.12% to 0.15% for basic index funds. We’re looking at getting the retirement fund down from that ridiculous .14M number to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5k.The downside to the ETF is, of course, that you need to purchase it through a brokerage, presumably at the bank where you have your direct investment RRSP or TFSA account. Although it took him a while, I feel the result is very worthwhile.

After the success of his first article, people began requesting this second one almost immediately.Management Expense Ratios That’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?