Flavor of love dating

13-Oct-2020 04:51

" In the end, Flav picks Smiley, New York, and Miss Latin for a private roller skating date, where Smiley reveals she was previously married.(It was revealed in the reunion show that she was only divorced one week before the taping of the show.) Later at the house, Pumkin confronts New York about her unfriendliness towards some of the other contestants in the house, resulting in the two of them fighting and exchanging insults, but Red Oyster, Hottie, and Rain try to break up the ruckus.

New York walks out of the senior citizen center when a woman asks her for help with her false teeth, and Pumkin, a substitute teacher, cries after Flav says she was the most distant when playing with the children.

Flav takes the women to visit some of his "old friends" as well as some "new friends." The five contestants who are taken to meet Flav's "old friends" suspect that they will be meeting his celebrity friends (most notably the other members of Public Enemy) but are surprised when they arrive at a senior center where their challenge is to care for and socialize with the elderly.

Some girls have fun with the challenge, while some, such as New York, are uncomfortable.

Serious does not receive a clock because Red Oyster informs Flav that she believes that she is only here to further her career in modeling. The contestants try to impress Flav's mother (Anna Drayton) by accompanying her to church, introducing themselves over tea and pastries at a tea room and by attempting to cook fried chicken.

Hottie ends up attempting to cook her chicken in the microwave, stuffed with raw vegetables, leaving it raw during the presentation to Flav and his mother. Sweetie is disappointed because she hates chicken after an incident when she was five, and is angry that she cooked a chicken for nothing.When naming the girls, the first person to receive her name is "Oyster," a name she dislikes.