Government mandating digital television

16-Sep-2020 22:09

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At this altitude, one complete trip around the earth (relative to the sun) takes 24 hours.

Thus, the satellite remains over the same spot on the earth's surface at all times, and stays fixed in the sky from any point on the surface from which it can be "seen." So-called weather satellites are usually of this type.

A low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite system employs a large fleet of "birds," each in a circular orbit at a constant altitude of a few hundred miles.

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They require directional antennas whose orientation must be constantly adjusted to follow the satellite's path across the sky.The first artificial satellite, launched by Russia (then known as the Soviet Union) in the late 1950s, was about the size of a basketball.It did nothing but transmit a simple Morse code signal over and over.There is a large and quickly growing Spanish-speaking minority in the United States, concentrated most visibly in the Southwest, California, and Florida but present in all large cities and in many rural and agricultural areas.

Federal and state laws compel most government documents to be published in a variety of languages.

In contrast, modern satellites can receive and re-transmit thousands of signals simultaneously, from simple digital data to the most complex television programming.