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20-May-2020 11:52

I talked to her about it and she asked me if I wanted to change the plans so that she would be with me on that night.

Deep down, I wanted her to make love with him on our wedding anniversary night; for some strange reason, I found that incredibly hot.“Baby, you should sleep at his house next Wednesday,” I told her.

He was still sleeping and she was sitting up, covers up to her chest.

I kissed her goodbye and Chris stirred; his eyes opened and he smiled at me.

“Tou should be fucked on the anniversary of your wedding.”“I know I should, but are you sure baby?

” Christy asked, “I know that you would love to fuck me next Wednesday.”“Yes, I would! ”I was praying for her not to give in and have sex with me, and she kept strong.“I know that you really want to fuck me on our anniversary, and you should, but it can’t happen, baby, you know that, don’t you?

That can’t happen; I am black owned and only a black cock goes in me.”“I know it can’t happen baby, but you should still be fucked.”“Don’t worry baby, Chris will fuck me extra hard, just for you.”I suddenly had an idea.“Baby, you should be fucked in the matrimonial bed on our anniversary.”“How could that happen, baby? I’m sure that people were talking about her tattoo; she didn’t seem to care though, and as we reached our street, she text Chris to tell him to meet us at our house.He spanked her breasts while he was squatting on her face, and she was sucking his balls; again, she had multiple orgasms while he beat her breasts.She finished off by telling me how it was the best sex that she had ever had, and then she sucked me off again.According to the dialogue, the man filming has just caught his wife cheating in the middle of the act.

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And to make matters worse, it appears to be with someone the husband knows, as he calls him by name. I love my daughter, that’s the only thing that’s important to me.”Turning to the naked man, he says: “Jason, I know you’re a good man.

And she teased me all evening about her anniversary night with her lover; she wouldn’t tell me any details until we went to bed.