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03-Mar-2020 11:00

I mean I'm not really regretting asking out my current girlfriend just I think things would be better cause if I did happen to take my ex back it wouldn't matter cause I know my ex wants me back badly!

But I don't know I'm not sure what I want right now and just wish I could go hide somewhere and disappear for a few days!

But my ex is the type of girl that will make it seem like she likes you and then when you dump your girlfriend for her she leaves you with nothing) and now I'm just going crazy over the situation! All I hear is statuory rape or your pathetic or love is love. This is what I have been looking for Ok so I'm a Junior in High School now and recently started dating a Freshman girl. Then my ex who I dated last year when me and her were both sophomores decided to come back into the picture and apologize for the things she did/said to me and regrets the decisions she made. And now just she seems like a totally different person from what I remembered.

All I could say was "I understand how you feel and I just wanted and apology". And lately I feel as if I don't want to date anyone.

I have 2 girls who I know care about me one I dated and 2 I am dating! My ex it was a 2 week relationship and she kept saying " I didn't know what I wanted cause i thought I was moving but now I'm not so please forgive me" and she keeps telling me she wants to "fix" something with someone but she doesn't think it will workout! Like a third of me says give her a chance, the other third says stay with the girl you have now! And the last third says forget about both of them and stay single! I would say , don't listen what she is saying , move on forward with your current girl friend, she is just so ****ing jelouse , her types don't desereve second chance , she just want to destroy you once again , stay with your current girl friend and man one more thing , deleate all the text message your ex sent you because if your current girl have seen it you are gone , tell her , it's over I'm moving on forward , and I can't be friends with you , she is alone now , don't get too way soft , going back to ex never reaches far man , go and stay with your current girl friend , and don't be around your ex , and it's normal to feel what you are feeling , it's very normal , but don't get twisted , stay with your current girl , start with her new begning , going back to the past ex , it's all end up in bad things.

I ask whys that and she said cause we went through a lot of drama and haven't spoken in like 8 months.You are young, you should be out exploring the world, not deciding if you are going to spend your life with someone. When all your doubts are gone and you feel ready, you will meet someone you'll want to be with, no rush. And the reason I brought up the age was because to me at that time 2 yrs is a big difference and I felt like she was so young for me and I'm really mature for a 16 yr old guy. So now we talk and hug when we see each other but now I'm starting to feel like it was a mistake breaking up with her!