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Jack is a calm, introvert, kind presence at the beginning of the series, slowly opening up to everyone and, after coming to terms with being gay, he is seen as more extrovert and at ease with friends and meeting new people, exploring his love life and identity throughout the series.While Jack is incredibly intelligent, possessing academic prowess in league with Andie and Joey, he is also acutely discerning with regards to human interrelations.Jack meets Tobey in Season 4, who becomes his first boyfriend.As Jack leaves Capeside for college, he changes quite a lot, wanting to leave behind the 'persona' or label he feels he acquired there, of either 'Andie's brother', 'Joey's boyfriend' or 'the gay kid'.During this time Joey is still a support to him, and Pacey as well, who befriended Jack through his romance with Andie.Jack's first encounter with a guy who is interested in him fills him with terror as he does not feel ready at all to date.This results in him dumping Tobey and slacking off at college, until he finds himself utterly unrecognizable.Although Jack rectifies his academic career, as that is something he wishes to do at the end of Season 5, he is portrayed in relationships as someone who doesn't really want to be in a relationship, but he still has one with David (which does not end well for that exact reason).

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In Season 5, when Jack speaks derogatorily of Audrey, Joey calls him out and while Jack is often seen to be the most perceptive and right in arguments and discussions in the group, as he possesses a grounded life view, Joey seems to be the most able of the gang to call him out on his stuff, perhaps due to the two having dated.

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According to NBC, studies have determined playing hard to get results in meeting a "long-term" partner and establishing a committed relationship.… continue reading »

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