Liquidating business inventory

30-Apr-2020 04:42

“It may not be that the product is a poor seller; it could be your staff does not like the product, so they do not sell it. When this happens, talk to your associates, re-train them, or find better ways to boost morale and motivate them.

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At the same time, staying on top of inventory counts enables you to get a handle on the merchandise you have so you can prevent having too much stock in your store.

One thing you can try is to reposition them in your store.

Put them in a different area in the shop or switch up their shelf arrangements.

In addition to taking up precious backroom or shelf space, surplus stock ties up capital and can keep you from re-investing in your business or buying things you actually need.

That’s why regularly paying attention to your sales and inventory data is so important.Kat Rosati, Brand Manager at Apparel Booster, advises retailers to discount prices at certain increments.