Listening to music dating find smokes home match

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When Marshall takes a rooftop break at work, he bumps into Arthur, and to gain his confidence, they share a smoke.

Even though Marshall rigorously cleans himself, Lily can still smell the smoke on him, and uses it as an excuse to start smoking again herself (which leads to her voice lowering a few octaves).

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As the week continues, their smoking takes its toll, decreasing Ted's stamina on the stairs, worsening Lily's voice, and giving Marshall's boss, Arthur, a heart attack, and Barney finding a cigarette burn on his tie.

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Don tells her to stop taking her job so seriously, and amidst her retorts, he reveals that the Mayor canceled.

As she begins to light up a cigarette on air in defeat, the gang calls from the apartment, pleading for her not to break their pact.

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