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It might look like there are new responsibilities or obstacles to face, but it’s really just the same dangers that have always been out there.Perspective can go a long way in the end, both in terms of what’s changed and how capable you are to handle said change.This is yet another example of how is expertly able to take a familiar scene, but re-contextualize it in a fresh way.

On the other hand, Garrett could actually help Riggs pull himself out of his permanent hole and find some peace of mind.

If Murtaugh was suddenly interim captain out of the blue it might come across as contrived, but because of the convenient work that the show has done previously this season, this instead feels like a motivated conclusion for his character’s professional arc. It feels a little unceremonious to have some new character just explain him away through clunky exposition.

Naturally Murtaugh wants to knock his first assignment out of the park, but he gets thrown a particularly unusual curve ball.

People are often told that change is good, but sometimes it’s not always so easy to make that call.

Changes like a big promotion, a change of scenery, or a new family member are all major events, but the truth is that when some things change they really just stay the same.

Or maybe Riggs’ just had too many microwave burritos and they’re seeping into his subconscious.