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Jeanne was a striking blonde, about 5-5 and 120 pounds with 34 B breasts and long legs.Jeanne is a huge flirt and dresses the part going braless quite often.You could clearly see her dark pink nipples and aureolas through the bra and I thought I saw just the hint of camel toe in the thong, but it was obvious she was shaved bare.Jeanne jumped in the pool followed closely by Bob in his black boxers and soon Bill.Her bra and thong were a lot smaller than any swim suit she must have worn, because you could see a lot of great tan line showing.I learned later after we went home that while in the kitchen getting the drinks that Jeanne and Bill had kissed and that Bill had actually eaten her pussy and Jeanne had played with his cock.I unzipped my shorts looked into Bobs eyes and said Help me?

Our two best friends were close neighbors, Bob and Jeanne. He was 6-2 with a medium build and was good looking and a very smooth talker.Jeannes ass is a little larger than mine and definitely moves when she walks.The thong disappeared like dental floss between her cheeks.Being the flirt she is, Jeanne said she wished she was sitting the other way!

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Bob and I were just standing and talking and when he heard Bill heard say he wished she was sitting the other way, he grabbed me by the butt cheeks to lift me onto his shoulders. My bra was now wet and totally see through and you could see that my nipples were hard as bullets.After a few rounds of horse fights we hit the hot tub to relax.