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He was a Justice of Trailbaston, which meant he could issue summary justice to hooligans (unfortunately this power has not been passed on to his successors! A chantry was added to the Church in 1337, to say daily mass for the souls of benefactors – presumably the Keighley family.Walter de Langton (Rector 1272-94) went on to become Bishop of Lichfield and Lord Treasurer to Edward II.Bolton Priory came to control land and Churches in upper Airedale from Keighley to Malham, as well as in Wharfedale.Back to Contents The earliest evidences of Christianity in Keighley are a crude Anglian cross dating from the mid 12th Century, and a grave slab with a cross and other emblems (now in the SE corner of the Church).The picture that emerges is of the Anglo-Saxons carving farmsteads out of the wildwood with the aid of their 8-oxen iron-shod ploughs. It may be that the later development of local Churches here reflects a later change of settlement pattern from dispersed farmsteads to villages, which became the norm for rural society for a millennium. Craven is recorded as royal land, taken from Saxon Earl Edwin after his participation in the revolt; around 1100 it was granted to Robert de Romille, and became part of the Barony of Skipton.Robert's daughter Cecilia founded a priory of Augustinian Canons at Embsay, which moved in 1154 to Bolton – far enough up Wharfedale from Otley to avoid clashing with the Archbishop's territorial or ecclesiastical interests.Keighley Rectory (endowment) was valued for Pope Nicholas' taxation at £8.The first Rector we know by name is William le Vavasour, appointed by Bolton Priory in 1245.

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In 1152 he was installed by King David in the Honour of Skipton and Crafna (Craven).Domesday tells us that William was also taxed on a carucate in Utley (Utta's clearing) and another at Newsholme (new houses); he and Gamelbar shared another at Oakworth (oak-tree enclosure); Gamelbar held another three at Wilsden (Wifel's valley); Ravensuar also held two at Laycock (small stream); Ardulf, one at Riddelesden (Rethel's valley), four at Morton (moorland farmstead) and half at Hainworth (Hagena's enclosure); Ernegis had half a carucate at Hainworth and one at Marley (a clearing frequented by martens)..."and they are waste" referring to William the Conqueror''s harrying of the North after a failed revolt.It is probable that the original Church was built, like Keighley, Colne and Bingley, in the Twelfth Century.

Only in Keighley is it likely that the founder worshipped there regularly.

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