Real dating horror stories

09-Aug-2020 13:55

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So I ended up having to use the ATM with a service charge.

Then, when I finally found him, he was already drunk and made me pay for my drinks all night. I’m all for equality, but if you invite a girl out and you’re still in the “I’m trying to impress you phase,” then do something impressive and act like you give a damn.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire This guy asks me to go with him to a concert at the rock shop in Brooklyn to see some obscure band, which he assures is “a cool indie band.” We get there and the guy at the door tells us we can’t get in because we don’t have a kid since it was a kid’s show (think The Wiggles).

Strike two: he makes me walk several blocks when I insist on taking the train over to a diner.

After a few minutes of forced conversation, I want to leave already.

He doesn’t pay the waitress a tip, claiming he “never does.” We decide to go watch (well, I decide) and he offers to pay, but only if it’ll get him “brownie points.” I proceed to pay for myself and make sure we have seats that are surrounded by people because god forbid he tries to makes a move.

When we got there, all he ordered were cucumber rolls because he was Vegetarian. He then proceeded to order sake AND beer and pound back shots by himself. So we picked up his cousin, who was even stranger than this guy. Then, the guy asked if it was cool if we hung out in his garage (a garage “party” with three people…. He stopped to pick up some four loko Meanwhile, I texted my friend to pick me up and get me the hell out of there!

When we got to his garage I kindly told him I had to leave and hopped into my friend’s car.

He can butcher our date, but butchering literature is where I draw the line!Lessons: If you’re going to lie to try and impress a girl, then at least make the lies believable.

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