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20-Apr-2020 10:07

The new version is pretty standard up until about the mark, when J-Pop superstar Namie Amuro lends her baby-soft voice to the late Lisa Lopes' rap verse. Amuro's segment might have worked better were she not attempting to spit the exact same lines Lopes did two decades ago without any notable rap experience. Read Full Story(Bauer Griffin | Getty Images)Who needs Destiny's Child when there's a TLC reunion on the horizon?

Earlier this year, T-Boz and Chilli announced that they'd be making a return to the stage at Pennsylvannia's Mixtape Festival, performing alongside a digital projection of their late groupmate Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Cole's refreshingly happy summer jam "Crooked Smile."Cole raps about his "twisted grill" and his bushy eyebrows ("thick as hell," he cheerily...

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It's a perfect update on what we all love and expect from them: danceable jams with a socially conscious message. We always say our relationship is like a marriage that you can't get out of. I'll never forget the first time I saw the chemistry between the three of us. I really would like to not be on social media at all. Or, [if] someone's doing something morally bad — it's like, whatever. And sometimes I've jumped in the crowd — and I'm not lying — this one place, I jumped into the crowd and they just held me. The confidante also revealed to the mag that the precious pair enjoyed yellowtail sashimi, spicy tuna on crispy rice, and baked crab hand rolls. We really think Nick deserves to move on and be happy!