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Some were on The N (later changed to Teen Nick) or Discovery Kids.

Some of these shows were cancelled early, and some never even made it to DVD.

But one thing's for sure: these forgotten shows make for entertaining teen (melo)drama.

These shows were created by the channels that have always ruled teen TV: ABC Family (now called Freeform) and The WB (now called The CW).

Let all the teen drama come rushing back with 15 ‘00s Teen Shows You Completely Forgot About.

is about an alien (Matt Dallas) who looks just like a regular teen guy except that he has no belly button.

The actress seems to have retired from show business in 2012.He wakes up in a forest in Seattle and is taken in by the Trager family, who gives him the name Kyle.He eventually learns how to speak and function like a normal teen, and that includes learning how to act around his first crush, his neighbor Amanda.She develops a close friendship with a local, Tumelo (Atandwa Kani), but they eventually realize that there's something more than friendship between them.

Kani can be seen as Young T'Chaka in Marvel's upcoming was cancelled after one season and is doomed to be one of those short-lived series that never makes it to DVD and is lost forever, except in the memories of '00s kids.

Darcy has two friends: the naïve Kathi and Lindsay, whose dad is a vet at Creature Comforts.