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At that point in time, they were still developing from common references to Christian ministers into technical terms indicating the clear distinction between the offices.

To understand the history of the terms ‘presbyter’ and ‘bishop’ or to understand the way in which they were used in isolated cases is not sufficient to understand the concepts.

But according to Protestant doctrine, justification of souls comes solely by a single act of faith, and faith is an intellectual assent moved by the will.

The preaching of God’s Word is thus understood to be the fundamental mission of the Church, and though this does not exclude the sacraments from proper church duty, it relegates the sacraments to a second tier of importance in Protestant theology.

The Christian word ‘priest,’ to which we shall refer repeatedly, is potentially a source of much confusion and debate.

This is because the modern English word ‘priest’ refers to one who offers sacrifice, whereas ‘ This shows us that the word ‘presbyter’ (its Latinized form) was in use long after the New Testament era.

But there are many potential misunderstandings that need to be addressed before proceeding to discuss Holy Orders.

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The truth of the Christian priesthood is enclosed in a shell of sounds and linguistic nuance, and examining these semantic points is necessary for the purpose of discarding that shell and discovering the meat inside.

Whatever priesthood Christians have, whether common by baptism or visible and specific by ordination, exists only by participation in the true priesthood which belongs to Jesus Christ the High Priest.

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