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Vicki dropped the following: "And yes, Terry told Tamra ' I'm gonna take down the Beadors.'" And this has got to get more attention sometime soon, right?Woes of Life together, Tamra set the relationship between Briana and Brooks back several light years.When Heather flipped through the pages of a research book on saucy questions and asked aloud, "Do you know what a Dirty Sanchez is? " and appeared puzzled, it was left to Tamra Barney to shout out, in her typically eloquent way, "Like, do you do anal?" Danielle may not, but as for Tamra: "When she's drunk," said Eddie nonchalantly, followed by, "Sometimes in the ear." In the ear equals freak number 30, I think. Regis, and then recounting the following tidbit: "We call the anal thing the dolphin…You're having sex from behind, and you try to put it into the butt and the girl goes, ' Eh eh.' That's the dolphin." And Heather was like, "Oh, ha ha," but you know she beat him with an expensive handbag when they got home.THANK GOD he and Vicki were not there for the Valentine's Anal Summit.And you know, Lizzie actually seems like she'd be a fine person to hang out with for an afternoon (except for those outfits…why must she always look like a stripper bride?

And their intimate dinner with Lizzie and Christian (which also apparently featured that odious Danielle character, though we never actually saw her) gave everybody an opportunity to talk about what a shady liar Tamra is.

While they are there she share some special intimate moments together that Holly wanted you to know all about.

I received two comments within a few hours of each other, on different installments of this story.

Sometimes, I have read scripts where it is written into the story, but it does nothing for the story.

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It just wants something that you think will titillate the audience.

It's another few days in New York city for our love birds.