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24-Feb-2020 11:42

Versions of the message circulate continually and have done so for several years. Obviously, “Special Education Week” can’t be every week.

Otherwise, it would be better called “Special Education Year”. Nor, of course, is every month of the year Autism and ADHD Awareness month.

Some jurisdictions have “Education Weeks”, which focus in part on special education.

But, given that there is no officially endorsed information about a nationally recognized “Special Education Week” – at least in the US where the messages appear to have originated – the claims that the event takes place “this week” is obviously spurious.

One article on claimed that such a nationally recognized week takes place in the United States in March.

However, the user-submitted article gives no references to support its claims and its author admits in the article’s comment section that “This was an initiative by a support group to have a national week of recognition.

Asperger’s is not a curse – it is just a difference, and a difference that can be worked around.

Your Loved One CAN Still Be a Happy, Stable, Calm, Successful and Productive Person — BUT FIRST YOU NEED TO RECOGNIZE THE SIGNSThis is information your doctors can’t (or won’t) give you.

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It is certainly not an effective way of raising awareness of special education requirements or of the needs of children with Autism or ADHD. Is anyone willing to leave this on there status for an hour?

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