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04-May-2020 03:30

Keep in mind we are talking about people who had been raped, recently gone bankrupt, and others who were physically/emotionally abused, life shattering trauma.Barry convinced the crowd that they were safe and the people in the course wouldn’t take any of their deeply personal stories out of the room with them (no, that would never happen now, would it? Non-dislosure agreements of course were nowhere to be seen, but a simple bold statement of trust would be all these innocent people would need to be secure (you can trust me guys, just take the blue pill, lol).Now Barry Terry, I guess they don’t teach about ego not being your amigo in leader training.3# – Making people speak in front of a crowd they weren’t comfortable with, coercing them to disclose person information to get down to the hard truths of their problematic lives, because this would solve their problems.Claiming it was their bad or mistake for these choices they had made in front of 100 strangers.Keep in mind, some of these things could happened at a very young age with an undeveloped mind/brain, at a complete innocent state.I will admit it has been a couple years since I have taken a psychology course at the University level, but I don’t ever recall reading about the benefits of public humiliation as a useful tool in behaviour change.#5 – Course leaders dominated their co-workers with what seemed to be a subservient regime.

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Heaven forbid he broke his own racket of inferiority and simply stated, “I’m not sure, but I could find out for you” when he was asked a question he couldn’t earnestly answer.#4 – This one still might be my favourite, even though know how much you guys love to save a dollar or two from point #1!

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