Updating a sql recordset

18-May-2020 11:16

Dynamics AX and Microsoft SQL Server have built in functionalities that help identfiying and reducing locking and their effect the blocking.

However not all of the features are self-explaining so I thought it is a good idea to give a little overview on some of them.

Close() End Using You will have to swap out a few things, something similar to the following. Write Line("No rows returned.") End If obj Data Reader.

Sql Command Dim dts Data As New Data Set Dim dtb Table As New Data Table Dim i As Integer Dim SQLStatement as String msql Connection. Sql Command(SQLStatement, msql Connection) rdr Data Reader = cmd Command.

would not be available for updating, or in the words another process / tranaction would be blocked until all rows are processed.

So when using OCC the chances for blocking is much smaller.

Command Text = "Select * From tablename" obj Command. And for a general overview how to speed up certain DML operations within X code please have a look at Speeding up SQL Operations.Batch mode is in effect when the Lock Type property is set to ad Lock Batch Optimistic and batch updating is supported by the provider.RCSI can help reducing locking and blocking also with Dynamics AX 3.0.

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If you are not sure if RCSI is already enabled you can execute the following SQL query command to check (1 means on, 0 means off): For more information about and including how to enable RCSI see Enabling Row Versioning-Based Isolation Levels RCSI is creating a version store in the Temp DB to allow the reader to read from the version store instead of the exclusively locked row.

Therefore it is recommended to enable the for the Dynamics AX database.

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