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We Specialised The wiring in your home is the main way of power that feeds every electrical appliances in the home.

When years gone by, over the times, things – it starts to break down and may need to replace at some points.

We have tested products for public safety for 90 years and we are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

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As you may have seen before this one library allows you to interface with a DS3234 and a DS1307, as i said before DS3231 works exactly the same as the DS1307 so its perfect for us.

It is easily removed and reusable for temporary wiring.

This lightweight, expandable, self-extinguishing polyester sleeving has an open weave to allow maximum diameter expansion.

You should see an output like: So here you can see that the clock has been set as it saw that the previous time was earlier than todays time.

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I think I will continue to use this chip and breakout board, with the above library.So once you have wired it up(and double checked ground and 5V ).