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12-Apr-2020 00:06

A lot of expatriates working for these organizations marry and retire here.

A lot of Filipino women have been working abroad (as migrant contractual workers) since the 1980s where they meet foreign gentlemen.

This blog is a simple collection of beautiful things around me.

Im pregnant (well obviously im on here), and my boyfriend is from the Philippines(Cebu City).

Naturally, they need someone who will show them around and with whom they can live.

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I love my boyfriend very much and I love his family, they are very welcoming and accepting.

I know for a fact that our government is marketing the Philippines as a tourist destination but also as a medical tourism destination and a retirement destination.

So, retired men from countries such as Germany, the UK, the US and Australia among other countries come to the Philippines to stretch the buying power of their retirement pensions.

with Philippine culture being dominant (patriarchial)"So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome.

I like looking out of open windows, feeling the breeze on my face and listening to the different sounds around me. I like stopping to look at the moon, to see how much of it is peaking out of the clouds.

I certainly cannot account for all the reasons people feel attraction, fondness or affection for others despite disparities in age, language, culture, ethnicity, socio economic status, educational level, and even religious or political convictions.

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