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Ohura=Ahura Mazda; Kirk=Scottich Church; Spock's Vulcan sign of Shin is used by Talmudic Rabbis in Synagogues of Satan to represent the "Nails" which held Jesus to the Tree. Jesus was a "Young Child" of 1 1/2 (He must have been under 2 or Herod's order would not have targeted Him) when Herod ordered the "Slaughter of Innocents". Saturn is El, Chronos, Chiun, Sikkuth, Moloch, all names of Satan represented by the Six Pointed Star. Archipelago=Land separated by water; Gnostics aim to from China to the UK; absent of are the 3 Horns of the Global Serpent in the Americas, the last part of the world China explored. Esau sold his soul and was renamed Edom symbolized by the Unrestrained Red Dragon/Beast ie "Earth Dweller" of Rev 13:8.

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Apollo (Donald Trump's Penthouse is a shrine to Apollo; Apollo was the main theme of the Sochi Olympics), Apollyon/Abaddan is the "Destroyer" Satan arriving at Rev "1st Woe".Fatima is home to Sephardic (Jews of the Spanish Rite) fake Jews; Sepharvaim descend from Canaanites, Babylonians and Medeans (2 Ki ) who replaced the real Israel in 700 BC.Fatimah is the name of Muhammad's wife, the mother of the Fatimid Caliphate attempting to bring the world under Shariah Law in a "New Crusade".When the US Power Grid is destroyed, we can blame our own government Mat KMS 3-2 and KMS 4 are not North Korean Nuclear Sateliites as Pry says "Orbitting the US preparing an EMP strike" His Doomsday books Apocalypse Unknown: Protecting America from EMP and Electronic Armageddon are junk science.

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What can destroy the US Electrical Grid is NERC (Nat Elect Reliability Comm) which intends to adjust Grid Frequency destroying AC Power Generators and CHAMP, a Microwave Generator developed by Boeing.

on the anniversary of Alexander the Great's defeat of the Persian King Darius III (WWIII is the Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Goat out of which "Little Horn" rises), 30 Yr "War of Roses" and 33 degree Luciferian Mason Napoleon's (read Edomite Rothschild) support for Jerusalem as Jewish property.

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