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05-Feb-2021 20:52

These slogans first came to the attention of the wider public during the 2005 Cronulla riots, started when local Bogans became incensed that groups of Lebanese people were behaving like Bogans on ‘their’ beach.The Aussie Bogans attempted to send the Lebanese packing, but failed to make Cronulla 1/100th as scary for Lebanese people as Beirut.

Clarke and Watson definitely are battling for alpha nouveau bogan..

TBL is making another subtle point with this post regarding the stupidity of the bogan mindset, rather than the tattoo itself.

In this case it is the bogans inability to distinguish between patriotism and nationalism.

Whilst I dislike the use of “gay” to mean “stupid”…Anyway, some xenophobic “white pride” Australians have tried to hyjack the Eureka flag.

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They can’t seem to comprehend that people of 20 different nationalities were involved and they talked about inclusiveness.While another one if i remember correctly got a very stars and stripes looking sailor girl, with i can’t exactly remember, but something along the lines of Aussie Pride written on it.